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SuperChrome® is the future of spray chrome technology. It is durable enough for exterior applications. The three step process can be performed in any standard commercial paint booth with conventional HVLP spray gun technology.

SuperChrome® uses a new patented additive that chemically binds the base coat, the middle silver chromium coat and the final top coat - clear or tinted to form a single hard, durable OEM chrome-like finish.

SuperChrome® will adhere and cover most any substrate with a chrome-like brilliance that is beautiful, durable and cost effective. SuperChrome® has been shown to bond to these different substrates: metal, fibre glass, polystyrene, fabric, cement, plaster, ceramic, plastic, vinyl, Styrofoam, aluminium, glass, rubber, and more.  
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SuperChrome® is the most cost-effective product in the market today, offering brilliance, flexibility and durability superior to its competitors.