Hydraphics HVLP Sprayer
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HVLP Spray Gun is a uniquely versatile, gravity-feed paint gun that performs like no other. Start with an air cap and nozzle designed to generate superior atomization, resulting in a finish you would normally expect from more expensive spray guns.

  • Reduces overspray to save you money and a mess

  • Better, more consistent coverage than conventional spray guns.

  • Perfect for small jobs

  • Heavy duty consturction with 0.6 mm or 1.0 mm spray nozzle, 200cc (4oz) aluminum cup

    • Working pressure: 45 to 55 psi, air consumption of 2.4 CFM
    • Fluid delivery: 40 mm, Air inlet: 1/4-inch NPT
    • Package includes nozzle, aluminum cup, and cleaning tools
    • Outstanding value for professional or hobby usage
  • Item #: HYD-HVLPgun

Hydraphics HVLP Sprayer

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